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The benefits of using a professional answering service
By John Pascale Operations manager @ telefocus answering service

Owning a business can be a wonderful opportunity for personal growth, earning income, creating new jobs opportunities, and making a positive impact on your community. However there are many challenges and hurdles one has to jump through to get the business started, once you start your business it may seem like the hardest part is over; however keep in mind that as a business owner you have to now hire employees, keep track of what hours they work, make sure they are fairly paid, keeping a safe work environment. Now to get to the meat and potatoes of this article as promised here is a list of how almost any business can benefit from using a professional answering service:

1. The most obvious reason companies use answering services is to SAVE on talk time by not having to answer the constant barrage of inbound calls, therefore the company is able to concentrate on more pressing matters like customer retention, utilizing employees for the most useful tasks possible, being more organized and running things more efficiently all while not having to answer the phone  it’s almost like putting your business on autopilot.

2. The second most obvious benefit is the ability to handle much more call volume, because most answering services run 24 hours a day meaning you never miss a call,  never miss an appointment or deal. No company is exempt from this because people call all hours of the day and will move on to the next business if they don’t get a quick response.

3. A third benefit a professional answering service can offer is the ability to dispatch drivers for towing, limo, cab, and other driving related businesses and services. With the use of new technology a driver can be dispatched to a tow in Houston TX from our satellite offices.. If you own a 24 hour towing service an answering service will pay for itself in the first two to three months of service. Imagine never missing a tow opportunity, Each call is dispatched in a timely manner and customers can even call for quotes ETA’s and to ask general questions about the service. 
4. Medical professionals can use an answering service for various different reasons. It is crucial for patients to always be able to reach someone in case of a medical issue or emergency every second counts when dealing with a patient. Saving time and money becomes even more valuable when your dealing with someone’s life and health. Some of services offered would be emergency appointment requests, setting general appointments, medical doctor paging, after hours messages. 

FAQ’s can be answered 24 hours a day and all at the fraction of the cost of having to pay a full time employee answering services often handle multiple different doctors offices and medical professionals and specialists all at once due to versatility of the current telecommunication technology available for a low cost and it is very easy to set up.

5. Professional answering services focus on things like courtesy, and giving each caller a good experience, Treating that caller just as good or better than they would be treated had they spoken to someone at the actual office. Having a virtual receptionist on call 24/7 or during your after hours is a good way to take a vacation, go on that trip you’ve been planning for years and never got around to, your business will be in good hands and running perfectly while your away. It’s like getting paid to take a vacation the monthly fees are always affordable, and it’s a great way to establish a better reputation with your customers, patients, and clients.

There is nothing worse than getting a recording when you call a doctor’s office lawyer or any business in general. Showing your customer that your willing to hire a service just to have someone there that can alway help them will net better reviews and attract a ton more business I have seen it happen with everyone I have ever worked with in the answering service industry

In conclusion these benefits may seem like trivial things to some people and those people usually don’t own a business or aren’t interested in growing their business. Being able to handle more volume without having to hire another full time employee is good for any business. These are just some of the benefits that can be offered and it only scratches the surface stay tuned to learn more about how Telefocus can help your business growth..

John Pascale:
Operations manager @ Telefocus answering services